Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Keep our beaches clean!

Ugh, nothing makes angrier than reading about the garbage polluting our beautiful beaches. I am blessed to live in such a wonderful city such as San Diego, and for people to litter on our beaches is just disgusting. You wouldn't throw trash around your own home, so why on earth would you at the beach? Is it really that difficult to locate a trashcan? This really grinds my gears. Volunteers and good samaritans try their best to manage the clean up duty's, but the litterer to volunteer ratio is too one sided. On top of trash ruining a wonderful sunny day at the beach, it also puts our wild life in danger. I've seen my fair share of birds and pelicans getting tied up in wires, choking on bottle caps, etc. Lifeguards try their best to save them, but sometimes nothing can be done. When it comes down to things, it's up to YOU to keep our beaches clean. They're OUR beaches, let's treat them like home.


  1. I live in San Diego as well, I always pick up after my self. I will tell others to do the same!

  2. I live on the gulf coast, no amount of trash pick up will keep our beaches clean. It all flows in from the Mississippi river. I don't know about San Diego though. But anyway, moar UFOs man hah.

  3. people like that really piss me off

    jsut goes to show what little respect some people have